Europa, the last battle . Part 1.




Dionne Møller. Denmark .

Key: ✅ = the fact as presented in the documentary is correct.

       ❌ = the fact as presented in the documentary is either misquoted/ cannot be confirmed/ taken out of context/ or not correct.

RESULT. Out of 45 facts checked from part 1 of the series ‘Europa-the last battle’, 33 facts proved correct✅ and 12 proved either misquoted, could not be confirmed, taken out of context or not correct❌

73% of the facts checked proved correct 

27% of the facts were either misquoted, could not be confirmed, taken out of context or not correct.

Sources to my findings are below.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………• Video time mark 00.25 . Ken O’Keefe – “what is a mortgage?, it’s a death grip “ ✅

From the Latin ‘ Mortuus ‘=dead.

Old French gage = pledge.

13 century old French , mortgage ‘ dead pledge’ so called because the deal dies either when the debt is paid or when payment fails.

Source . Etymology dictionary. / /• Video time mark 02.10. Text quote from author Dan Brown. “ What is history but a fable agreed upon” -Napoleon.✅

Recorded by Count de las cases 20 November 1816.

Quote thought to have originated from Bernard Le Bovier de fontenelle in an essay ‘L’ Origine des fables’

Napoleon Bonaparte was recorded as quoting the sentence but denied being The originator.• Video time mark 02.20. Moses Hess. Principles of communism.✅

1862 Hess ( the communist rabbi) authored a book ‘ Rome and Jerusalem ‘ a study in Jewish nationalism, laying out the foundation for Zionism.

Calling upon Jews to prepare for a Jewish national movement, to become separatists, and to prepare for a homogenous, Jewish ethno state.

Hess was close friend and collaborator of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles.

Rome and Jerusalem- a study in Jewish nationalism, Moses Hess.

Page 35. Pope innocent lll (1198-1216) distinguished for his cruel hatred towards Jews, he urged Christian princes to force Jews to wear a distinctive badge on their garments.

Page 37. “ no modern people struggling for its own fatherland can deny the right of Jewish people to its former land “

Page 37. “ For it is in Germany that the differences between the Jewish and German races is emphasized and used both by the reactionary and the liberal anti Semite as a cloak for their judeophobia “( 1862).

Page 40. “ the present political situation demands the establishment of Jewish colonies at the Suez Canal and on the banks of the Jordan “

“ there is still a deeper problem, namely the race question”

Page 47. “ our people created the noblest religion, destined to become the co mon property of the entire world”

Page 58 “ kiddush hasham: The sanctification of gods name I.e the Jew is urged to act in a more unselfish spirit than the law requires , and even to sacrifice his own interests and person that he thereby may reflect glory upon the name of Judaism and all other Jews “.

Page 56. “ it seems that German education is not compatible with our Jewish national aspirations “

Page 57. The duplicity and contrariety of the human personality (…) are in no other nation so sharply marked in their points of opposition as in the Germans . The German opposes Jewish national aspirations because of his racial antipathy (…) This contradictory action was due to inborn racial antagonism to the Jews.”

Page 58. Progressive German Jews also seem to think that they have sufficient reason to turn away from the Jewish national movement. The German hates the Jewish religion less than the race”.

Page 59. The Jewish race is one of the primary races of mankind, the Jewish type has retained its purity through the centuries”.

Page 60. (…) and was almost destroyed by many nations of antiquity would have disappeared long ago in the sea of indo-Germanic nations had it not been endowed with the gift of retaining its peculiar type under all circumstances and of reproducing it.”.

Page 61. “ just as in the native land of Jews, Palestine”.

Page 62. “ the pious Jew is a patriot, the ‘new’ Jew is a traitor to his people, race and family. (…) then it were the duty of the Jews to sacrifice the former for the sake of the latter”.•

 Video time mark. 04.57. Karl Marx grandparents related to the Jewish Rothschild family. ✅ source. / / /• Video time mark. 05.12. Jewry is the mother of communism. ✅ source. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, American bulletin , May 15 1935 “ some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism “.

The Maccabean ( New York) November 1905. Page 250 “ the revolution in Russia is a Jewish revolution “

The American Hebrew ( New York) 3 February 1939. Page 11 “ we Jews cannot be called upon to denounce communism “

The Maccabean, a Jewish revolution, Page 250 November 1905. Quoted also in ‘ waters flowing eastward’ the war against the kingship of Christ, TBR books , Washington DC ( 2000) page 40.• Video time mark 05.26. 10 key points of the communist manifesto. ✅

Source /• 

Video time mark 06.23. Dictatorship of the proletariat.✅ The working classes have control of political power.• 

Video time mark 06.41. Karl Marx openly encouraged genocide against Slavs, referring to them as racial trash ❌ This statement  was not written by Marx’s, but by Engels. 1849 and refers to a prior time in history. There is some dispute over this statement. The Magyar struggle published in number 194 of ‘ Neue RheinscheZeitung’ journal 13 January 1849. Written by FredreichEngels , not Karl Marx.•

 Video time mark 06.52 “ Zionism vs Bolshevism” February 8 1920 , by Winston Churchill , a struggle for the soul of the Jewish people. Source. Illustrated Sunday herald , February 8 1920. ✅•

 Video time mark 07.23 “ The Rothschilds had purchased Jerusalem in 1829”.❌ Niles weekly register 28 November 1829, reports that Rothschild had purchased land in /near Jerusalem. The Niles weekly register does not provide evidence to support its report. 

• Basil , Switzerland 1897. Zionist Congress was held ✅ source.• Theodore Hertzel is founder of the Zionist organization ✅ source.• 

Video time mark 08.27 European military powers will have to be manipulated into taking Palestine away from the Ottomans by force. ✅ / Benjamin Morris , Israeli historian . German newspaper Dueche Zietung ‘ The wealthy Jews rule the world, the fate of the governments lies in their hands, they start wars between countries and when they wish, the governments make peace. When the wealthy Jews sing, the nations and their leaders dance along , and meanwhile, the Jews get richer.• 

Video time mark 09.09 creation of the house of Rothschild ✅ source / Andrew Hitchcock , timeline.• 

Video time mark 09.31 . Mayer Amschel Bauer ✅ source

 Video time mark 11.29. Rothschild wealth hidden in underground vaults. ❌ claimed as historical fact, though no evidence provided .•

 Video time mark 11.45. Documentary claims Rothschilds estimated wealth ❌ Rothschild fortune never audited.• 

Video time mark 12.02 Rothschilds purchased Reuters in the 1800’s. ❌ cannot be substantiated. Source.• 

Video time mark. 13.08 . Rothschilds controlling shares in Royal Dutch Shell.✅ source .• 

Video time mark. 13.54.  City of London is a 1 mile square area known As ‘the city’ ✅ source .• 

Video time mark. 14.05. November 1910. Jekyll island , a secret meeting resulting in the creation of the federal reserve ✅ source. / / / /  •

 Video time mark. 14.50. Benjamin Gugenheim, Isidor Strauss and Jacob Bastrom, 3 men not in favor of the federal reserve died on the Titanic.✅ source.

 Video time mark. December 23 1913. President Woodrow Wilson (USA)signed the federal reserve bill. ✅• 

Video time mark. 15.31 . President Woodrow Wilson (USA) quote. ❌ seems not to be substantiated, maybe taken out of context.• 

Video time mark. 16.20 . Charles August Lindbergh. Quote. ✅ source. 1916 Real Needs, volume 1, issue 1. University of Minnesota p.83.• 

Video time mark 17.40. ‘Fiat’ currency. ✅ source.• 

Video time mark 17.57. Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen are Jewish ✅• 

Video time mark 18.00. Rothschilds own 57% of the stock of the federal bank.❌ cannot be verified. Federal reserve is not a publicly traded corporation, and therefore not required to publish lists of shareholders. Source.• 

Video time mark 18.32. Harald Rosenthal quote. ❌ Harald Rosenthal interview 1976 with Walter White. Cannot be verified. Can not verify that the original transcript of the interview is contained within a London museum.•

 Video time mark. 21.24 Assassination of Czar Alexander ll, by a Jewish terrorist, Vera Figner. 1. March 1881.✅ source. /• 

Video time mark 28.16. Mauritz Steinschneider invented the term anti Semitic in 1860. ✅ source.• 

Video time mark 28.36. The first act passed by the Bolsheviks was the anti Semitism act. ❌ Cannot prove it was the FIRST act passed. Joseph Stalin’s quote on anti Semitism January 12 1931, published in Pravda! Nr329 , November 30 1936.

• Video time mark 28.50. Leon Trotsky used the term ‘ racist’. ✅ source. The history of Russian revolution – Trotsky 1930.•

 Video time mark 31.30. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn quote . ✅ source.• 

Video time mark 32.58. Karl Marx, communist manifesto, to abolish private property. ✅• 

Video time mark 34.04. Deliberate genocidal man made famine Ukraine.✅ source.  Irish journal of applied social studies- Renate Stark.• 

Video time mark 35.03. Vladimir Lenin quote. ✅ source.• 

Video time mark 36.54. Leon Trotsky quote. ✅ source. Leon Trotsky, Petrograd, December 1917.•

 Video time mark 38.46. Vladimir Lenin was Jewish. ❌ conflicting• 

Video time mark 39.07. Christians tortured , The Sheka. ✅ sources. /• 

Video time mark 40.16 Lazar Kaganovich. ✅ sources.• 

Video time mark 41.45. Vladimir Lenin quote ❌ misquoted. Source.• 

Video time mark 41.57. American Hebrew. 8 September 1920 Quote.❌ source.

 Video time mark 42.28. Henry H Klein quote. ✅ sources. Zionism rules the world, 1948. Pamphlet.

 Video time mark 46.13. Grigory Zinoviev (Hirsch Apfelbaum) quote.❌ misquoted. This quote was by Dzerzhinsky (Felix)• 

Video time mark 54.25. Nazino. Cannibal island. ✅ source.


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