Europa, the last battle part 7

Part 7 Europa the last battle

Sorry for the way this is put together but I have been quite busy with family and over the last few weeks

I would like to say that after looking through this film, and trying to find evidence that I only had the internet to verify or deny any of the evidence, and as I don’t know if even these links are truth or not. 

It is not ideal the way I have it completed but as I know this has dragged out for too long.

My apoligies, but the links are in order of the way the film plays and goes from the first few minutes to the last.

torch men order number 0428


Ilya Ehrenberg

N.K.V.D. troops

Stalin’s right hand man in NKVD


Excution of Musalini and Clara Petacci

Graphic video

Chruchhill at lake como where it is taught that musslin was killed there firist then moved.

Eisinhower Reitsch

Interview 1976

Eva Braun Hitler

Strange how none of the videos can be found on the internet see below link

Hitler an Eva’s Death


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